Nicholas Agnihotri Burka's full-stack web development portfolio.


a filesharing homepage with two folders

2023: An indie artist's custom filesharing site with audio streaming, and an upload portal for indie artists to share demos at SXSW 2023.

Built with Vue.js + node.js + Backblaze B2, hosted on a VPS.

a mold photo upload form's homepage

2022: A prototype mold upload tool to collect evidence of housing mold from NYCHA residents and their advocates.

Built with HTML/CSS/JS + node.js + Backblaze B2, hosted on a VPS.

the landing page for a web3 rock, paper, scissors game, with pictures of each

2020: A Rock Paper Scissors web app with cryptocurrency betting to demonstrate the power of Reach lang to quickly develop multi-chain web dApps. (Games DB deactivated.) The first Reach app deployed to multiple blockchains.

Built with + Vue.js + AWS Lambda + AWS DocumentDB.

development process, values

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